Extreme3 HD Series®

A line of high performance Heavy Duty

LED lighting products

Extreme3 HD Series® of products are designed from ground up to be the most reliable, most heavy duty and most efficient on the market today. Designed and produced in EU.

Street LED Lighting

Extreme3 HD Series® outdoor LED luminaires are designed for

street lighting, with special street or circular optical characteristics.

Applications include driveways, parking facilities, garages, tunnels, industrial outdoor lighting, gas stations and streets ranging from class M3 up to M6. Different mounting options available. Power range 30W, 50W and 100W. Read more...
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Functional LED Lighting

Heavy Duty industrial LED luminaire. Specially designed for harsh environment. Applications include middle to high bay lighting in heavy industry, nuclear facilities, military installations, sport facilities, warehouses, shopping molls etc. Also available as radiation tolerant and radiation hardened product. Tested in most demanding environments, including inside nuclear reactor chamber. Power range 50W, 100W and 150W. Read more...

LED Lighting Components

Extreme3 HD Series® AC/DC converter for powering LED systems with current post regulator. PFC corrected, LLC resonant topology. Efficiency 95,5%. Electrolytic capacitor free. Extremly low EMC footprint. Designed for demanding OEM LED Lighting market. Reliable power supply with exceptional efficiency, designed to outperform lifespan of LED’s. Completely potted, Ingress protection to IP68. Power range 100W and 180W. Read more...

Horticultural LED Lighting

Extreme3 HD Series® horticulture luminaire. Green alternative to standard horticulture lighting. Two monocromatic light peaks at 450nm and 650nm. Targeted spectra to increase chlorophyll absorption and photosynthesis in plants. Stimulate plant growth up to 40%, while dramatically reducing cost of energy consumption. Dimmable, controllable and programmable with external controller. Power 100W. Read more...

Railway Copper Wire Transmission

TNS++® is a DSP based, high performance, 12 I/O channel multi frequency transmission system over one or two independent copper wire lines. TNS++® interfaces with classic relay-based railway signalling systems directly, transmitting and receiving multiple cryteria over a standard railway copper wire pair. TNS++® replaces discrete fixed frequency receivers and transmitters, enabling easier installation, field reconfiguration, smaller footprint and greater flexibility. Read more ...
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